Version Se7en

Today marks the seventh version of It has been a long time in the making. Kinda hard to tell by looking around here. But as always when you’re designing and developing your own personal website/blog, it’s harder than doing it for clients or other projects. It’s always more to think about than you first realize. At least it was for me.

I wanted to fresh things up a bit. The previous was really quite outdated. It started out as a fixed-width pixel based design. Then later on i made the necessary adjustments to make it more responsive. Note that is say more responsive and not truly responsive, because it just wasn’t. And lets face it, the 14px font-size on the text content wasn’t that easy to read.

This time around i’ve retired my old friend TextPattern and moved on to Jekyll. I’ve grown alot as a developer the last few years and Jekyll suits my workflow better these days. I was getting quite hindered by TextPatterns template system and the fact that i had to keep the local database and live database in sync whenever i wanted to make changes. In that regard Jekyll is perfect. It’s just static files.

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