The year that was & the year to come

Another year has passed, this one is shaping up to be a better one than the previous. One thing that’s always on the top of my list, every year, is that i would like to write more. For some reason, things are always getting in the way and distracting me from writing. More importantly i don’t really know what i should write, and when i’m finally sitting down to write something, it’s a real struggle to write something i’m somewhat satisfied with. I guess i’m not alone in this.

At least i have a general idea of what i would like to write about this year. I would like to write more about what i’ve learned and how i solve problems, related to designing and developing for the web. That’s how i learned when i got started. Something i find very valuable is when other people write about how they approach certain problems or challanges. That’s the great thing about the web, sharing. So i hope to do more of that, writing and sharing.

I’d like to spend some time on autogrow and designgrid, improve them a bit. There’s some enhancements i have mind for designgrid, make the script more customizable and squash some bugs. Try using designgrid without a stylesheet and see how that goes… (Hint: it might crash your browser!). I also have an idea for a new project i like to do as well.

Last year around this time, i spent about two and a half months helping out the guys over at Republic. They recently launched the project i helped out with. I’m really grateful for spending the time at Republic since they’re hard working and super busy guys. I did most of the initial development, building the admin, calendar and the welcome areas. I got to learn a bit about CodeIgniter and Sass, this was actually the first project i’ve ever used Sass on, and i’ve come to use it ever since.

A lot of time the past year, has been devoted to studies. Now i only have a few months left of my education. One more period, three months of internship left then i’m done with my studies… For now. I’m hoping i can get back to working again. I’ve learned a lot since last time when i worked at nodestar, so there’s a lot more i can do now.

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