Learning Git

You’ve probably heard about this version control system called Git. Unlike Subversion, you write commands in the command line, in Terminal on Mac for example. For a designer who spend his day in Photoshop or a text-editor, the command line can be quite daunting. Over the past year or so, i’ve been learning a bit about how to work with the command line, so i’ve build up quite a tolerance towards working with it, but i don’t think it’s necessary to know anything about how a command line works in order to learn the basics of Git.

Turns out the whole process of working with Git is quite straightforward, combine Git with Github and there’s no reason not to learn it. I would even say it’s quicker and easier than to work with a Subversion GUI like Versions or Cornerstone. I used to work with Versions (Subversion) at my former workplace, and there was almost always problems with it, out of date, conflicts, you name it. Of course you could prevent these problems by making sure everything is in order, but you don’t wan’t to spend time organizing and managing files, right? So Git seems a lot more friction-free in this matter, i haven’t used it for collaboration yet but the whole idea that you add and commit on your local machine, seems to take away most of the problems you have to deal with something like Subversion.

Here’s some helpful links to get started with Git.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand everything right away, i certainly don’t, just try to get the basics right and that should work for you.

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