The Evolution of a Design

One of the things that makes designing for the web so appealing, is that it’s either cheap or even free to improve and iterate on a design over time, this is something that doesn’t work in, for example print (for obvious reasons). Unfortunatly this is something that doesn’t always happen when web designers work for clients, but on the other hand, changing a design too much would confuse potential customers. So what it comes down to is figuring out how much of the design can be improved upon.

In my case, i’ve done some iterations on an initial design of this site’s design, which’ve turned in to what you see now.

Initial design concept

This is the first design concept i came up with. Initially i was going to use this for tumblr, but soon i turned back to TextPattern. It has no archive or about page and a small amount of visual elements.

Current design concept

Rather than starting from scratch i added to the already existing design, and you can see that it still shares some basic visual elements as typography and layout. Over time i made the layout responsive, added a navigation and made improvements to the archive page.


To me this is what makes designing for the web interesting but also challenging and it’s what sets the web apart from other mediums, the ability to constantly iterate and improve upon certain aspects of a website or applications design. This can be both good or bad , but fortunatley it’s easier to righten a misstake.

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