designGrid — A grid-tool for fluid grids


Last i set out to tackle an issue i had. The issue was that i didn’t really know how to design with fluid grids in a good way. Every since i started designing in a responsive manner, i had almost abandoned grids completely, but sometimes there where a need for order but i didn’t have a tool that could help me out.

Previously i used #grid, by the folks at Analog, to make sure my design followed the grid, but then responsive web design and fluid grids came along, and it didn’t work out anymore. I needed something that was more suitable toward responsive designs. This is my attempt. A first step.

My goal was to get something out there as quickly as possible, and worry about optimization and performance later. All in all i spent about a week to get to where i am now, i designed the grid layout and some basic script functionality the first day. Following days was spent on code for generating a baseline grid and columns.

You can check out more about the project and how to set up the grid, and then download the code from Github.

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