autogrow — Less frustrating textareas

Last week, about one week after i released designGrid, i published yet another little project that i’ve been working on. This time i’m trying to solve the problem with textareas, or rather the frustration of using them, especially when you’re going to write a lot of text. See textareas are designed to always have a fixed height and when you’re typing a lot it becomes hard to get a coherent sense of what you’ve written. Of course the scrollbar will eventually appear, but instead of it appearing on the text area itself, it will appear on the page, like it should.

The reason i even made this is of course because i needed it myself, and i’ll probably need it in the future as well. I stumbled in to this problem with text areas when i was working on a web app a while ago, and luckily i found out about Neil Jenkins article “Expanding Textareas made elegant” over at A List Apart, which was the solution i was looking for. So i based autogrow on the code from the article, but made it to be more customizable and reusable.

If this sounds like something that you could make use of, head on over to the project’s home page, and when you’re done reading, download the source code from Github.

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