My name is Carl Räfting and i’m currently spending my time studying web application development at Jensen Education YH in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Computer Setup & Software

The computer of choice is a Apple 13’’ MacBook with the aluminum unibody, often used in clamshell mode attached to a 24’’ LED Cinema Display. Design exploring happens in Adobe Photoshop, markup and styles are written in TextMate 2.


Stylesheets are developed using Sass and Compass. This site is generated with Jekyll and is basically just static files hosted on Github Pages.


There are four different typfaces in use on this website. Headings are set in the beautiful Adelle Web served via Typekit. The body text is set in Avenir Next, if you have it installed, otherwise, Helvetica Neue or Arial. Code samples are set in Menlo on Mac and Monaco or Courier New on other platforms and devices.

Web services

You can find me on a range of different services on the web. Twitter and Github are my favorites and these are the ones i spend the most time at.